Designing your pension fund

Always nice to visit Toronto and discuss latest research developments and with leading pension executives. Kees presented work in progress, it’s amazing how some things stand out when designing and running your pension fund: Yes, lower costs matter, so there’s a strong argument for scale. What matters next, is what you do with the money saved with scale. Investing in active equities, or alternatives, may not be the best choice after all. View Kees’ presentation:

About Alfred Slager

Alfred Slager is professor of pension fund management at TiasNimbas Business School, and director of CentER Appplied Research at the Tilburg School of Economics and Management. His expertise includes international financial services, with a particular interest in investment management and pension funds. He regularly teaches courses to investment managers and pension fund trustees. Prior to this he worked as Chief Investment Officer at Stork Pension Fund, as investment strategist and policy advisor at PGGM Investments, and as manager research and investment manager at Fortis Investments. Slager regularly publishes on pension and investment management subjects and teaches executive courses for pension fund trustees.
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