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About Kees Koedijk

Kees Koedijk is Professor of Financial Management and Dean of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management at Tilburg University. Kees Koedijk was the chairman of the Raad van Economisch Adviseurs (REA), an important council of economic advisors to the Dutch Parliament. In the past, Koedijk has won several awards for his research on sustainable development. He has published extensively on finance, responsible investment, and pension management. During the last 10 years he served at several investment committees of pension funds.

Strategic Transitions in European Pension Funds

Kees Koedijk, at P&I’s 5th annual Global Pension Symposium, addressed strategic transitions in investment governance in European pensions, macro economic and institutional pension changes. Here’s the link to the video.  

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Selecting and Firing Investment Managers

After long deliberations between trustees and their investment managers, the choice is finally made to select manager GoodInvest* to manage the fund’s emerging market equities. The investor relations department has its work cut out.

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Benefits of developing investment beliefs

Which company makes it its mission to inspire moments of optimism and happiness, to create value and make a difference? Unfortunately, not a pension fund. This is the mission statement from Coca-Cola. However, the largest pension funds are aspiring do … Continue reading

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Top 10 remarks that might come in handy in a board meeting

You’ve just joined the board of your pension fund, and have been entrusted to join the investment committee meeting. On the agenda for the upcoming meeting is a proposal from the asset manager hired to manage the pension fund’s investments. … Continue reading

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Forecasts tend to miss the mark. Should we mind?

We’re in for a bumpy ride in 2011. As the year slowly draws to a close, predictions for 2011 are gaining pace: The stock market is going to make a 1990s-ish run next year, with the Dow Jones well within … Continue reading

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