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Selecting and Firing Investment Managers

After long deliberations between trustees and their investment managers, the choice is finally made to select manager GoodInvest* to manage the fund’s emerging market equities. The investor relations department has its work cut out.

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Jelle Mensonides on risk management

The assets of pension funds have plummeted during the crisis. With a huge drop in both share prices and interest rates, liabilities of the pension funds went up dramatically as well. Many funds got into serious trouble, and needed to … Continue reading

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New Insights into the Value Drivers of Pension Funds

We recently published a paper, investigating investment beliefs. A direct relationship between the observed investment beliefs held by pension funds and performance measures is tested using an international sample of pension funds. Investment beliefs address strategic choices in the investment philosophy … Continue reading

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Blow to pension funds’ optimism

European pension funds say they have become more concerned about their own organisation’s ability to meet its financial objectives during the third quarter of 2010, with pessimist views outnumbering optimist views. Pension fund managers were also more negative about the … Continue reading

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Designing your pension fund

Always nice to visit Toronto and discuss latest research developments and with leading pension executives. Kees presented work in progress, it’s amazing how some things stand out when designing and running your pension fund: Yes, lower costs matter, so there’s … Continue reading

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