Jelle Mensonides on risk management

The assets of pension funds have plummeted during the crisis. With a huge drop in both share prices and interest rates, liabilities of the pension funds went up dramatically as well. Many funds got into serious trouble, and needed to come up with emergency measures....

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Alfred Slager on the book Investment Beliefs

Pension funds are large investors. Members of the board of directors of any pension fund all struggle with the same question: what should we do about our investments? They need to be able to make informed decisions about which strategy to take. Yet, this is difficult...

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Jean Frijns on pension fund governance

Managing a pension fund, especially today, turns out to be a huge and complicated task. Jean Frijns, Professor of Investment Theory at VU University and chairman of the Frijns-committee, explains the challenges pension fund managers are faced with today, and what they...

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