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Pension funds’ asset managers face daunting challenges in today’s markets, ranging from handling complex decision making for pension funds’ trustees to making informed decisions on investment strategies that really add value. These are the grey zones where theory meets practice, and what Kees’ and Alfred’s work is about.

They explore where and how academic theory strengthens or debunks existing practices, or what practical implications new research implies, helping make trustees become better decision makers.

About Kees Koedijk

Kees Koedijk is Professor of Financial Management and Dean of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management at Tilburg University. Kees Koedijk was the chairman of the Raad van Economisch Adviseurs (REA), an important council of economic advisors to the Dutch Parliament. In the past, Koedijk has won several awards for his research on sustainable development. He has published extensively on finance, responsible investment, and pension management. During the last 10 years he served at several investment committees of pension funds.

About Alfred Slager

Alfred Slager is director of CentER Applied Research at Tilburg University. Before that, he worked as Chief Investment Officer at Stork Pensionfund. His expertise includes international financial services, with a particular interest in asset management and pension fund and banking strategies. Prior to this he worked as manager research and investment manager at Fortis and as investment strategist and policy advisor at PGGM Investments. Slager regularly publishes on pension and investment management subjects and teaches executive courses for pension fund trustees and investment managers.

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You can contact us at investmentbeliefs@gmail.com.

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